Eagle Claw & Iron Fist

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Eagle Claw Bit Family.png

Eagle Claw

The new and improved Melfred Borzall Eagle Claw SD is the fastest drilling, best steering, and most durable hard soil bit on the market. These HDD bits are aggressive.

Eagle Claw bit table.png
  • Perfectly balanced cutting design for smooth, efficient operation
  • Cutter teeth available with carbide hardfacing for maximum durability
  • Aggressive tri-tooth carbide cutting action gets through the hardest conditions
  • Quickly and easily change out carbide cutter teeth with straight-thru knockout holes
  • Steering face has a conical shape for quicker reaction to directional pushes
  • Smooth running with minimal vibration to drill stem and drill rig
  • Dome carbides provide great wear resistance without cutting the top of the hole for great steering
  • Minimize the chance of clogging with a built-in check valve

Eagle Claw SD

Iron Fist Verticle.png

Iron Fist Bit

The Iron Fist packs a major punch in cobble and loose rock conditions and is designed to be easily and inexpensively rebuilt, reducing your tooling costs. Bam.

Iron Fist Bit table.png
  • Main carbide cutters positioned to allow for “rocking” the bit through rocks
  • Compact cutters are less likely to hang up on cobbles
  • Balanced cutters for downhole stability
  • Contoured design
  • 1/4-inch recessed water holes to prevent clogging
  • Built-in check valve to minimize the chance of clogging
  • Capable of doing direct pullbacks with the Iron Eye pullback device