HDD Swivels

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Deluxe dub thread swivel.png

Deluxe DUB Threaded Swivel

  • Threaded swivel with greaseable roller. Metal-to-metal face seal to ensure reliability and long life.
Deluxe dub clevis swivels.png

Deluxe DUB Clevis Swivel

Deluxe DUB swivels are the most secure way to complete your backream pullbacks. The greaseable tapered roller or spherical bearings and four-stage sealing system on your Deluxe DUB features a metal-to-metal face seal to ensure reliability and long life.

Deluxe dub swivel table.png

Deluxe dub maxi rig swivels.png

Deluxe DUB Maxi Swivel

The Maxi DUB-Swivels® use a combination of bearings to provide tensile and side load support. Deluxe bearings that can handle tensile, compressive and side loads. Fitted with a grease nipple for easy lubrication, making it a long-lasting swivel.

Maxi rig swivel table.png

Deluxe dub fluted reamer swivel.png

Deluxe DUB Fluted Reamer Swivel

Made for fluted reamer set ups, resulting in compact overall backreamer length

Flange swive table fluted juggernaut.png

Value dub fluted reamer swivel.png

Valu-Dub Fluted Reamer Swivel

The value and features of Valu-DUB swivels made for fluted reamer setups, resulting in a compact overall backreamer length. Totally self-contained and greaseable for a long life with your Juggernaut Fluted Reamer

Fluted Reamer swivel table.png

Valu Dub swivel.png

Valu-DUB Swivel

Valu-DUB Swivels are as dependable as they are economical. Greasable premium angular contact bearings and triple sealing system meet the demands of even the toughest HDD job.

Valu Dub Thread swivels.png

Valu-DUB Thread-in Swivels

Thread-in option Valu-DUB swivel for the toughest HDD jobs.

Valu dub swivel table.png

Quick Swivel pull back link.png

Quick Swivel

Leave the blade on and connect this swivel directly to your blade.

Quick Swivel Table.png